About Us


Danielle and Ryan at Sand Mountain for their wedding

As you can see, even our wedding was outside the box. We left our beautiful CA home to spend a week in the desert. Worth it, in case you are wondering.

About RADapple Design

Combining the expertise of Ryan and Danielle Apple. RADapple (formerly DAdesign), brings to the table custom design services in these areas: graphic and technical design, fabrication and custom accessories. Our work is intended for print, web, metal works and recreation. Many of our finished products appear for sale on our Overland Adventure Company division. The products that are not for the outdoor adventurer are on Etsy or available upon request, and custom special order.

About each of us


I work for a marketing and printing company in Auburn, CA by day and freelance by night. I like to be a big picture person 1st and then dive into the details. Knowing how a project fits into a company as a whole and in relation to other projects just makes things so much less abstract and more relatable.

I have a BS in Graphic Design from CSUS and I am sooo glad I did. The skills I learned have carried over into my work ethic and design process. Between that and working with marketing and printing, I have learned many real life and problem solving skills!

People seem to be surprised by my range of hobbies. It could be because they don’t interfere with my professional life. You won’t find me slacking at work or at play. Work hard, play hard! One day I’m pushing pixels and the next I’m learning how to knit while on my way to go snowshoeing.


Welding and fabrication experience has tempted Ryan into the realm of making everything out of metal that he ever wanted for his own explorations. With the Torchmate plasma table, our options nearly limitless! He is making the “hard stuff”: reliable, super cool stuff you have been looking for and have finally found!


Penny is our dog that witnesses everything we make and appears in most of our photos (if not the subject, the tip of her tail or her nose. That dog is all over the place!). So naturally she has become a prominent figure.