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Avoid Using Google Images in Your Work

Avoid Using Google Images in Your Work

  I put this on my writer page, but I think it also belongs here. Choosing images for your brand...

Spring 2018 updates

Metal Design It’s been a long winter without taking metal design orders! No store-front signs, no address signs, no 4×4...

Quote saying "they don't want quarter-inch bits, they want quarter-inch holes

Do you really know your audience? You can’t afford not to.

We like to think we have a great design, a great product, a great idea. But sometimes we fall short...

Annie and Travis

Annie and Travis

Here’s a little something to hold everyone over. More on the way!

Custom Gate

Custom Gate

We just finished up this little gate for someone who needed quick access to walking trails. Ryan made custom hinges...

Metal art deco fireplace screen

Custom Fireplace Screen

After holding my breath all week for this package to be delivered, I’m very happy to see our very first...

Announcing Web Design and Campaign Management Services

Announcing Web Design and Campaign Management Services

The world of design has been moving toward web services for a long time now. Not only that, but the...

Penny Scrub

The wheels are turning! I am considering entering the realm of body scrubs. Still working out the details but the general...

Micaela’s 1 year photos

My one and only niece, the fabulous Micabear!

custom lamp

A little side project

Ryan made this lamp for his dad’s birthday. It has three sides and marbled plastic inserts. What a learning experience!...