Change is in the wind!

Well it’s been about a year, hasn’t it?

So much has happened. Among other things, Ryan and I purchased a CNC plasma table and got to work cutting and building 4×4 parts and accessories for our Overland Adventure Company. I do believe I have awkwardly tried to make OAC an outlet for my own crafts and have come to realize there needs to be a separation. This has got me to thinking about the changes that need to made in order to speak to our audiences specifically.

So here it is: Ryan and I will be joining forces and operating under a new seller’s permit. RADapple. Well of course, it stands for Ryan and Danielle Apple! We will be keeping Overland Adventure Company as it is doing well on it’s own. RADapple will deal specifically with custom graphic design,  custom CNC metal work and fabrication, and the occasional photography. DAdesign will be fazed out.

I will provide a schedule of the changes to come soon, and repeat as often as I can so as not to disturb any holiday shopping plans or confuse anyone with a sudden change. Operations will continue and projects will get done in the same way they have.

One of the last things to change will be my email address. I will most likely forward all my email to the new address for some time and can still be contacted at

Why go through all the daunting process to change my online presence, business cards, accounts etc.? A few reasons:

  1. I am going in a different direction and feel that my current online presence is hindering me from taking it all the way. So I’ve been neglecting it (obviously, since it’s been a year). Since I design full time, I’m not exactly craving more sewing projects. I have started to edge away from crafty items and more toward graphic design, the occasional photography, metal decor, and projects we can work on together.
  2. Since my other half has turned out to be quite talented in the world of Autocad and metal work, he has a valuable skill that should be on the market. His name is not Danielle Apple, so it doesn’t really make sense to share that business name.
  3. Streamlined business is good business. I don’t want to keep track of five different accounts under 3 different names each. Less opportunity for errors, less categorizing what work belongs to which person and more opportunity to focus on what we do best.
  4. Let’s face it guys.  If I have to explain it to my audience, it doesn’t work. DAdesign. Here is the explanation one more time, just for funzies. It’s pronounced “D-A-design.” Not “da.” It is not Russian for “yes” but rather stands for Danielle Apple. They are not capital initial letters because lowercase letters speak more to my personality and the beauty of the type. That the dot above the “I” is not only a (just one!) dot to separate initials but conveniently above the “I” for a reason. Oh how clever I must have thought it was! But I am not my audience. Time to move on to bigger and better things!

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