Custom Fireplace Screen

Metal art deco fireplace screen

After holding my breath all week for this package to be delivered, I’m very happy to see our very first custom fireplace screen has arrived at it’s new home in Connecticut!

From the design to the dimensions, this is truly a custom piece, and that is what I love to do! One of my pet peeves is seeing “custom” anything and then having to choose from a selection of items that the vendor thinks are unique. We were asked to come up with a design for a fireplace screen and we are ecstatic that it came out so well. I made the design and Ryan cut it out and welded the pieces together. He even figured out how make swivel feet for it.

I’ll keep you posted when we get photos of it actually in use 🙂

custom art deco fireplace screen in use

This just in: an image of the screen in use! Thank you Tammy for the image. Look at that beautiful fireplace! I love the shapes cut into the wood feature.

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