Happenings and Such

Our transition from DA Design to RADapple has been pretty smooth (yay!).

Several good things have happened

Ryan has had surgery on his torn shoulder and is recovering really well. He’s been released to lift 20 lbs! That means we are and will start taking on more orders for metalwork (under 20 lbs for now!).

I can see! I broke down and got my first pair of glasses. I feel like the whole world is very 3-D and cool looking. Too much computer work? Who knows. But I don’t have to squint at stuff anymore.

Camera straps are getting more of a workflow. Ryan made me a cool metal template to use for cutting out the leather ends. I hope to get these into retail this year (cross fingers!). I feel like people need to be able to see and handle them.

While we had some downtime I started an info and portfolio website to start showing some of the things we do: http://radappledesign.com/. Again, this is only separate from overlandadventurecompany.com in that it is purely to show and inform in all areas of metal and design instead of being limited to the sale of vehicle modification and accessories. A request for quote is available on radappledesign.com. So far it’s coming along but I would like to get away from those silly templates and polish up those html skills. There’s nothing like being able to fine-tune something!

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