Announcing Web Design and Campaign Management Services

The world of design has been moving toward web services for a long time now. Not only that, but the need for mobile optimization, a process of editing for the best look and navigation on mobile devices, has become paramount. I’ve loved my time in the world of print design but I cannot linger there while the rest of the world moves forward and neither should you.

Here are some reasons why it’s really important to merge web and print:

  • No business is complete without a website, a business card and brochure. What is the first thing people ask when you give them your business card? The questions are usually these: Do you have a website? A brochure? What is it you do? If you answer no to the first two, the third one is almost inevitable. People need a way to passively access information, something to hold in their hand that is unique, and to remember you by what you do.
  • No campaign is complete without web services. Social media, email, ads, etc. are now a major component to create a buzz around the campaign. The more buzz, the better the standing in search engines. This makes it easier for people to find a business and conversion rates rise.
  • Web is a great way to give people easy access to information. It is really important to have a presence (and an accurate presence at that!) in every web channel that is applicable to your business. This is so that: 1. Nobody else can claim your business name and confuse people about who is who, or worse, give people the wrong impression about your business. People can access your business hours and contact info, ratings and reviews, get a sense of what your business is about by your content in social media channels, etc. They can also be served a Call to Action.
  • You can reach people in your community or reach people all over the country by customizing the wording on your website. Want to reach out to people in your community? Tell them! Want to market to single moms who work for law firms? Research them, know what they like, want, do, love. Where to they live? What industry do they work in? I am not saying stalk people. I am saying identify your ideal customer and write your content as though you are speaking to that person.

Getting your website up and running and the best it can be is hard work, but it is well worth it. I can help you out, too! It’s my favorite thing to work on: putting all the pieces together to make a big picture that is your business.

I am in process of developing some portfolio items for this avenue of RADapple Design. If you are interested in getting your business out of the weeds or just off the ground, let me know and I’ll give you a great rate while in portfolio development phase!

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