Re-purpose Headband DIY

People have been asking about this so here we go! This is only the second one I have made and I tried to take good notes for you!

Re-purpose Headband DIY

Here are some easy steps to make your own headband out of your favorite retired clothing. Or any other fabric. For these images I used a dress that I didn’t like because of the cut, but I thought the pattern was cute.


  • Scissors
  • Iron
  • Sewing machine or needle and thread
  • Measuring device
  • Fabric


  • Stretchy fabric is something you can cut shorter, while sturdy fabric needs extra length, as it has less give.
  • Stretchy fabric is harder to sew. Get educated on the proper stitching or learn by success and failure. More is better. You can trim and layer and fold and hide extra fabric but you can’t bring back lost fabric.
  • Everyone has a different size head. You may have to experiment a little to get just the right fit.

Image1. The finished product measures at 11 inches long. It appears to have at least 7 inches of folded material before attaching to the back material on each side. That means you should give yourself some room and make your cuts at least 16 inches long and 6 inches wide.

Image2. Here are the pieces you need. Two front pieces folded measure 3×16. One back piece 10 inches long and about half as wide. This dress happened to have elastic, giving the back a scrunchy look. But you don’t need elastic if you don’t want it. Just make sure you give yourself enough material to experiment with.

Image3. Sew the folded fabric pieces separately, right sides together.

Image4. Here they are, right side out with the seams pressed in the center.

Image5. Fold one of the front sections in half again, making it shorter. Make sure the seam is facing the inside, you don’t really need to see it on your forehead.

Image6. Fold the edges of the back piece inward and place the first front section inside about a 1/4 to 1/2 inch. Pin the two pieces together. If you are confident about sizing just go ahead and sew them together. Just a simple stitch right down the edge.

7. Loop the other front piece through the first one like so, seam on the inside.

Image8. Repeat the folding and pinning step and try on for size.  Make proper adjustments and get ready to sew!

Image9. Sew both sides along the folded edge. Take your scissors and cut off all the little hanging threads. It won’t be very fun to have people point them out all day long when you wear it.

Image10. Step back and admire what you have done! You did it!

Image11. Here is the back.

Image12. Here is the front. The new, stretchy one is a little bit smaller.


Wear it like you made it! I guess that means I need a model…who wants a free headband? Image

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