Spring 2018 updates

31144245_10212780667696441_6489631768520193687_nMetal Design

It’s been a long winter without taking metal design orders! No store-front signs, no address signs, no 4×4 parts…

But the shop is coming right along! It’s so close to being done structurally that we are itching to fill it with our machinery!

Graphic Design and Photography

I have a new adventure! My cousin Morgan and I started a clothing and accessory line called SnaggleSwag. The profit from these sales goes to animal shelters and to promote and fund adoption and foster care.

We made our first donation this week to help some sick dogs left behind when a shelter manager passed away, and we are looking to raise money at adoption events to help fund other, similar causes that have come up. Please visit out Facebook page for updates! https://www.facebook.com/snaggleswag/

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Here is SnaggleSwag’s story:

“Our brand is named after Snaggle, a 13 year old pit mix. He was dumped on our ranch 6 years ago barley able to walk, but he wouldn’t let anyone touch him. After a year of gaining his trust and keeping him healthy, he became the loving dog that he is!

Every animal deserves to be rescued and taught what a loving home is truly like. Watching Snaggle’s transformation was a real blessing, and we aim to partner with animal shelters to promote and fund adoptions and foster care.
You can help us in our goal by following us and sharing our posts, posting pictures of the products you’ve purchased from us (and tag us!), and donating your time or fabrics (private message us). Our products are currently for sale at select adoption events in Fresno and Sacramento areas, but we are building inventory for our very own Etsy shop!”

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